10 Aug 16
by Super User

Bonneville Speed Week 2016

We have SALT!!

Taken From: http://www.scta-bni.org/

Our Survey, Course Selection and Race Surface Team, headed by Race Director Bill Lattin and BNI Chairman Pat McDowell, have been to the salt and were able to find 3 courses: 

The Long Course.........8 to 9 miles
The Short Course.........5 miles
The Rookie Course.......3 miles

The SCTA is confident that the courses are all good and have SALT all the way down! FINALLY.....SOME GOOD NEWS!

After 2 years of heavy rains, our traditional Long Course (#1) is not suitable for racing at this time. It is our opinion that the increased thickness of the salt is a direct result of five hundred thousand tons of salt from the Salt Return Project by Intrepid Mining.

We will be praying to the Race Gods and Mother Nature for their cooperation, as well. 

In order to offset our insurance costs, all required participants and crews armbands will be sold for $5 each (drivers excluded) The primary driver for any entry is included in the entry fee, however, any additional drivers will be charged a $150 additional driver fee. Yes - we are struggling to recoup our significant losses over the last 2 years.

Please note the attached BLM Special Use Recreation Permit Stipulations, and comply with that guidance. There is no camping permitted anywhere on the salt. The pits close by 8:00 pm. The everpopular "Bend in the Road" camping area as well as other local overnight sites continue to be available but should be respected and treated as public park areas subject to the rules and expected conduct of the attached BLM facility use stipulations. Please respect those rules. The BNI will again provide trash containers and porta-potties. Please make use of both and keep the areas neat and clean. If you have any questions about the procedures and regulations, do not hesitate to ask any of the BNI personnel. Our permits depend on our compliance to the conditions imposed by the use permit, so please help us meet those requirements. 

The BNI Board has been coordinating with folks in Wendover to make SpeedWeek a success. Many local businesses have adjusted their schedules to accommodate our needs. The support and welcome provided has been impressive. Please show them your respect in helping our SpeedWeek become the best ever amateur racing event. 

Included in this newsletter is a 2016 SpeedWeek Schedule, the BLM Stipulations, a layout map and our 2-page SpeedWeek general information sheet. 

We look forward to seeing you on the SALT next month. 

Bill Lattin - SCTA President/Race Director
Pat McDowell - BNI Chairman